Mia Lucas

Mia Lucas




  • Film Editing
  • Vocal Performer
  • Content Creation
  • Creative Writing
  • Publicity
  • Leadership

Writing Portfolio

The School of Music Welcomes Winter

Knoxville Uniformed Officers' Pension Plan Lawsuit

My Story


My hope is to gain experience in Communication, Organizational Writing/Marketing/Digital Media management in the form of paid and unpaid internships. I hope to learn from seasoned professionals in various roles in an organization.

Thus far, I have completed one internship at the campus TV station and I really enjoyed it. During those weeks, I had the opportunity to learn about editing, camerawork, and producing a show. It was great to contribute in even a small way to each show. I look forward to further activity with the station, as I complete my education. My writing began as a way to get experience creating material for a standup show. However, as I have studied journalism at the University of Tennessee, I have seen the value of practice, observation, editing, review and revision.

My hobbies include video gaming, hiking, music, and photography and my goal with photography is to create great framing of my content. I love being outdoors and especially enjoy doing outdoor and event photography.

My volunteer activities:

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